Family Success Program

 ...reducing rental turnover and improving family stability.

An overwhelming number of families living in affordable housing are living paycheck to paycheck barely making ends meet.  It only takes one financial emergency for working poor families to be at risk of homelessness.  When a family is forced to use their rent money to resolve an unforeseen financial emergency (medical bill, car repair, etc) their housing stability is jeopardized.

As quality tenants are evicted property owners are confronted with the high cost of turning the apartment.  Turnover costs per apartment can range between $2,500 and $6,000 and include lost rent, supply costs (paint and carpet), labor costs (maintenance) and marketing costs.     

The Family Success Program is an innovative program which reduces rental turnover and increases resident retention.  It's a win-win for both tenants and property owners. Property owners avoid the high cost of turnovers and tenants remain in their housing.    

Since 2007, Opportunity Neighborhood has successfully developed and piloted the Family Success Program at four affordable housing complexes throughout the Twin Cities.  The pilot enrolled a total of 77 participants who were slated for eviction.  At the end of the pilot, 81% of participants had completed the program and remained in their housing for an average of 2 years.  This high rate of success not only stabilized 62 families and prevented them from losing their housing, but saved a single property owner over $250,000 in turnover costs during a two year period.  

 Program Evaluation and Research Summary
by Renee A Klitzke of the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota

Success Stories:
Given and Giving a Helping Hand
Second Chances
Motivated, but Not Knowing Where to Begin

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If you are interested in learning how the Family Success Program can benefit your property, contact:

Perry Lofquist
Executive Director