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Courtesy Program

One of the challenges of living in rental communities, can be unruly neighbors, unsupervised children, or unavailable parking spaces.

These nuisances become even greater when they occur in the evening or on weekends when the rental office is closed.  The Courtesy Program is available at these times to assist residents with customer service needs.

The Courtesy Program Staff addresses the problem immediately, calms the situation, provides customer service and alleviates the need for the reporting resident to call law enforcement.

The Courtesy Program provides a variety of services, including:
  • Addressing nuisance calls from residents
  • Accompanying residents to and from their vehicles
  • Enforcing resident parking rules and monitoring parking lots
  • Helping carry packages and groceries for residents
  • Promoting and supervising community activities
  • Acting as a liaison with the city police and fire department
  • Alerting the property management to maintenance needs - non-functioning lights, broken windows and jammed door locks
  • Assisting residents who have been locked out of their apartments thus avoiding the need for on-call maintenance

The Courtesy Program assists property owners in maintaining high quality rental complexes.  Plus, provides an additional amenity attracting prospective tenants to rent and encouraging current residents to stay.

2013 Minnesota Crime Prevention Association Business/Organization Award Recipient

Opportunity Neighborhood was awarded with the 2013 Minnesota Crime Prevention Association Business/Organization Award for the Courtesy Program.  

The implementation of Courtesy Program and the partnership with city police departments at three affordable housing communities in the Twin Cities had an impressive impact on the decrease in police calls.

Between 2009 and 2011, there was a 64% decrease in police calls at Eden Park Apartments, 57% decrease in police calls at Ames Lake Neighborhood and 15% decrease at Garden View Apartments.

When comparing the number of police calls prior to the Courtesy Program (2007) to the number of police calls after the Courtesy Program had been implemented (2012), it is clear the program has made a dramatic difference in crime prevention at these three communities.

Courtesy Program Brochure

To learn more about the Courtesy Program, contact: Perry Lofquist at or 612-805-1296.