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    ONDC Academy : Your guide to e-commerce enabled by the ONDC Network

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    Last year, ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) was unveiled with a vision to transform the e-commerce landscape in India, making it accessible, efficient, and fair for everyone. Since then, the network has been a thriving hub for countless sellers from diverse cities, encompassing a wide range of local brands, dynamic startups, and established D2C and B2B enterprises. With its market-led approach, unbundled structure, and seamless interoperability, ONDC has created a vibrant ecosystem where businesses of all sizes can flourish and unlock their full potential.

    To strengthen digital commerce and enable operational excellence for NPs (Network Participants) in this ecosystem, we are introducing ONDC Academy. The ONDC Academy will bring forth a curated learning experience designed to help participants navigate the open network and proactively hand-hold them to become ready for their e-commerce journey through a certification-driven process. The Academy aims to impart the best practices to speed up participants’ progress to a high-performance state on the network.

    ONDC Academy simplifies your journey on the network

    With over 47,000 retail merchants already embracing the ONDC-enabled framework and 64 lakh products showcased on the platform, along with intercity logistics providers like ShipRocket, Delhivery, and Loadshare, the network stands robust and vibrant. By providing comprehensive training through the ONDC Academy, the objective is to expand the existing network's reach and accessibility by nurturing certified partners across the entire value chain.

    The modules available on ONDC Academy will help you with:

    1. Kickstarting your online business on the network
    2. Growing and running your business with minimal setbacks
    3. Targeting maximum returns on the efforts

    The modules are available in different regional languages. Upon completing the module, participants will earn an official certification from the academy.

    Seize this transformative opportunity today through ONDC Academy to unleash your full potential and conquer the realm of digital commerce!

    Visit ONDC Academy

    Live Seller Network Participants can visit www.ondc.academy to access the complete Seller NP Excellence Course including the final assessment and certification.

    The learning material is free for everyone to access on the ONDC Academy - YouTube Channel


    ONDC Academy



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